Your team cannot function properly without the right people in the right jobs. That means you have to recruit intentionally and develop your employee assets once they are on board.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”
      – Jim Collins, Good to Great



Finding the right people is more than a process of matching skill sets. It is a process of matching personality, characteristics, and talent to match the circumstances in which the skill set is to be applied. Traditional recruiters are brokers looking for skillset matches. They don’t have time or exposure to your company to understand the nuances of the culture and fit. They are looking for a quick match and a large payday. LEEDR HR uses an entirely different model for recruiting. You pay us by the hour to represent you and seek out the best fit for every aspect of your job and culture. Our searches are usually less than half the cost of those conducted by contingent recruiters and are far more effective.

Some entrepreneurs try to do their own recruiting, but not everyone has the skills to find the best candidates or the ability to discern which candidate is the best fit. Effective recruiting takes time. Wouldn’t your time be better spent running your business and leaving the recruiting to us?

Performance Development

Even when you find the right person for the specifics of the job situation, they cannot be fully productive without knowing what is expected and how to continuously improve their performance. You need a model which describes the values that you expect employees to use in performing their jobs, and the employees need regular and specific feedback on how they are doing and what to work on next.