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Our company has over 40 years of experience in Human Resources. While no one has truly "seen it all", there aren't many challenges that we haven't helped our customers meet.

We have worked in some of the largest companies in the world, including Fortune 100 companies with tens of thousands of employees. But we specialize in taking that experience and using it to help small businesses.

Our business model is simple: retainer engagements to implement or fix your HR.

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44 Years of Experience
692 Job Candidates Submitted
16 Years in Business
240000 Fines Avoided ($)

Our Services

HR Analytics

Are you getting a return on your investment in benefits and compensation?


Don't let poor hiring anchor your business. Go to the next level!


Lack of compliance and disregard for best practices are a magnet for lawsuits and fines.

Managed HR Services

Too small to staff your own HR team?  We'll take it all on for you.

HR Audits

We will find the holes where your company is losing money and exposed to liability.

Complaint Defense

That rainy day will come when an employee accuses you of wrongdoing. We can help.

Our Leadership

Brian Lee

Brian R. Lee

HR & Business Guru

Brian has successfully helped numerous companies, from Fortune 100 to sole proprietor small businesses, with complex Human Resources challenges. He believes HR should help build a business and increase profits instead of being a necessary evil and afterthought as it is with most organizations.

Jason Lee

Jason R. Lee

Technical Nerd & Consultant

Jason is an experienced business consultant with a technical background of over 20 years. He brings a technical and analytical approach to customer problems, helping quantify and justify solutions and results.

Vickie Vickers

Vickie L. Vickers

Queen Bee & Manager

Vickie is the organizer that keeps everything at LEEDR working smoothly. She has great experience running a small business and makes sure that all projects are completed successfully. Her straightforward style allows her to manage around red tape, bureaucracy, and gatekeepers to get things done. She has the nurturing instinct to recognize and ensure that our clients’ needs are fulfilled.

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