A company’s culture is its memory, its values, its practices. The culture is what tells employees how to behave and why. In large measure the culture of your company dictates how successful it will be.

“Culture is one of the most precious things a company has., so you must work harder at it than anything else.”
     - Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, Nuts: Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business
      and Personal Success


Employment Relationship

What kind of relationship do you want to have with your employees? What kind of relationship works best in your industry and economic circumstances? A laissez-faire culture will not work with soldiers in the heat of battle or with firefighters in the middle of a five-alarm fire. On the other hand, a command-and-control culture will rarely be the right answer in a business based on creativity and discovery. LEEDR HR can help you identify the best type of relationship for your business and help you build it properly, starting with your onboarding process and your employee handbook.


How often do you communicate with your employees? What types of things do you choose to share? Do you communicate with your employees by email or face-to-face? The one constant among all organizations is that employees do not feel that they have enough communication. No matter how well you are doing, your employees would like you to do better. LEEDR HR has a deep background in effective communication and can help you raise your communication with your employees to the next level.


Employees must be told specifically what your expectations are, provided with the resources to achieve your expectations, and given measurements to know how close they are to meeting your expectations. When all of these elements are in place, employees can and should be held accountable for their actions and their performance results. A culture of accountability is critical for your business to succeed. LEEDR HR can help you develop that culture, starting at the top, with you.