Human Resources

As the most important assets in your business, your employees require numerous transactions to keep them working smoothly. They need to be paid, provided with benefits, kept informed, and treated with dignity and respect.

“Even if your company is too small to have its own HR Department, somebody has to be doing HR.”
     - Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric


HR Audit

When you started your business, you did so with a great idea for a product or service. In the early stages of your growth, you did not have many employees, and most regulations probably did not apply to you. As your business grew, did you grow in your knowledge of regulations and best practices for managing the people that helped provide that growth? Practices that may have made sense early on may be liabilities now, for legal or cost reasons. Why not have LEEDR HR evaluate every aspect of your people and related processes to ensure compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness?


People need to be paid, promptly and correctly. Taxes need to be paid and reports filed. Payroll is a time-consuming function. Wouldn’t your time be better spent doing what you do best and growing your business?


What is your company’s pay philosophy?
How do you know if your pay scale is competitive in your labor market?
How often do you review employees’ pay and consider increases?
Should you offer incentive pay to reinforce the right behaviors?

LEEDR HR can answer these questions for you and design a compensation structure, plan, and process that fit your business, driving the culture and level of performance you desire.

Benefits Design & Administration

How do your employee benefits reinforce the employment relationship you want to have?
Are you offering too much or too little in your benefits plans? Are they competitive?
Are your benefits plans too expensive?
Who answers employee questions and helps them manage their benefits plans?

LEEDR has expertise to design and administer the right benefits plans for your business and your employees. Let us remove this burden from your list of concerns, so you can run your business.


Legal requirements frequently add cost and burden to your business, but the cost of non-compliance is far greater. Let LEEDR HR design compliance into every aspect of your human resources program, so you never have to worry about regulators or plaintiff’s attorneys knocking on your door.